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November 2021                                                          Edition #3
Thank you for joining the fight against COVID-19! 

In this edition...
1. Interview with Dr. Adolfo Correa. Watch an interview with one of our CRP Principal Investigators at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 
2. Participant Testimonial – Leilani Johnson. Read Ms. Johnson’s testimonial to know how important this study is to her in alleviating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
3. Study Update - November 2021. Read the latest updates on the study.
4. Study Publications. Want to know the impact of your participation? This section has a list of highlighted study findings and recent publications.
Dr. Adolfo Correa, Professor of Population Health Science at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is one of the Principal Investigators on the COVID-19 Community Research Partnership. In this interview, Dr. Correa expresses profound gratitude on behalf of study leadership to our participants, expands on the public health goals that have been achieved by the COVID-19 CRP, and highlights lessons that have been learned from this study.  To see the interview click here!

Participant Testimonial - Leilani Johnson
"The COVID-19 pandemic has been a health crisis unlike anything most of us have ever seen. As someone who works in clinical research, I understand the importance of studying individuals who have been exposed and infected with COVID-19, so that healthcare providers and researchers can better identify the timing of infection patterns. The information collected through the COVID-19 Community Research Partnership study is integral to the advancement of medicine and in developing strategies to reduce the spread of the virus – ultimately, eliminating it".  Leilani Johnson, Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Study Update - November 2021
Daily PMS Surveys
Your continued completion of the daily survey updates was very much appreciated. Study participants from Atrium Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Campbell University, University of Mississippi, and WakeMed Health will continue to receive PMS surveys.  Also, as of October 31, 2021, the MedStar Health Research Institute, University of Maryland, Vidant Health, New Hanover, and Tulane University sites have completed the study and are no longer receiving PMS surveys.

Serology Test Kits
A huge thank you to those who participated in the serology testing portion of our study. As of October 15, 2021, the serology substudy officially ended. The study and lab will not be processing more test kits.

New Support Contact Information
As of November 1, our central call center is no longer your primary means of assistance should you have questions. Moving forward please contact your site using the information below (Name of the Institution, Email):
  1. Atrium Health:
  2. MedStar Health Research Institute:
  3. Tulane University:
  4. University of Maryland :
  5. University of Mississippi:
  6. Wake Forest Baptist Health: 
  7. WakeMed: 
  8. Vidant Health:
  9. Campbell University:
  10. New Hanover Regional Medical Center:

Study Publications 
Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we have collected high quality data that is being used to answer a wide range of research questions about COVID-19. Click here to see a list of study publications and short summaries describing key takeaways from each article. The list will continue to be updated as new results are published. Upcoming publication topics that may be of interest to you include:
  • Mask wearing behavior and risk of COVID-19 infection
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 infection
  • Attitudes towards receiving the COVID-19 vaccine
  • How long antibodies last after infection or vaccination
  • Breakthrough infections
We encourage you to bookmark the site so you can stay connected with us after the study ends.